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We are proud to say that we are the leading paranormal research team in the Capital Region, and we are dedicated to exploring the paranormal and helping those who feel they are experiencing unexplained activity. Formed in 2005, we have learned and grown a lot over the years and we bring that experience to every investigation.

As the leading paranormal team in New York’s Capital District and greater northeast area, we continually develop our knowledge, skills and expertise involving the paranormal while employing proper protocols, applying logic and using common sense.

Through trial and error, using and experimenting with different types of equipment, operating under the guidance of our established protocols and applying unique investigation methods, our experience over the last eleven years has led us to become a professional, disciplined, scientific and dedicated team. Having investigated many residential, commercial and historic locations we use our knowledge and techniques to assist people to better understanding things they do not yet fully understand.


We are considered the area’s EVP/SUO specialists

(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

(Sounds of Unknown Origin)

By using comprehensive protocols for audio recording and review we continue to capture very high quality, very compelling, and often historically relevant voices that we like to consider as EVPs or SUO’s and in a number far beyond what most get. While we can never be 100% positive that EVPs and SUO’s are the voices or sounds of spirits, we go out of our way to eliminate all known and common causes of false positive EVPs and SUO’s.

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We hold classes to help others improve their EVP/SUO qualitys, as well as help other teams who contact us via email to listen to their EVPs and SUO’s for review to help clean them up for better listening, or to simply share interesting audio clips. We welcome this type of comparing and contrasting between groups. Also, we respect that recordings given to us are the property of other teams and will never be used publicly by us for any reason. Our goal is to help other teams be more successful at understanding what may be and what is NOT an EVP or SUO and hopefully to help bring some amazing evidence into the paranormal world. We support joining forces and working together for the same cause and purpose, (Para-unity in the Paranormal Community).




Thank you everyone that attended the Holiday Craft Fair. Thank you for stoping by our table, we enjoyed meeting and talking with you. We value and appreciate all your support.

Go to our events page  to see the details of the Winter Parafest.  Our first venue for 2017. 




We are currently working on setting up our first online store!


Please be patient with us while we work through the setup process.




Do you have questions about the paranormal, looking for an investigation or just need a little advice?





Feel free to call us at: 518.268.9603

Email us at: north.east.paranormal.society@gmail.com


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