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Salem Con – April 8th & 9th 2016

Presented by (M.G.H. Paranormal Society)

for more info go to

M.G.H. Paranormal Society





Masters of the sixth sense  –  April 16th 2016

Presented by (Willow Tree Wisdom)

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Willow Tree Wisdom





Paranormal For Paws – April 30th 2016

Presented by (The Massachusetts Paranormal Research Group)

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Paranormal For Paws 1




Pine Bush UFO Fair – May 21st 2016

Presented by ( Town of Crawford )

For more info go to

Pine Bush UFO Fair

Pine Bush Event




Albany Veg Fest – June 4th 2016

Presented by ( Albany Vegan Network, Inc.)

For more info go to

Albany Vegan Network




Rolling Hills Asylum Paracon  –  July 9th 2016

Presented by (Rolling Hills Asylum)

For more info go to

Rolling Hills Asylum





 North East Paranormal Society Presents:

Voices from the other side 

NEPS will be hosting a FREE event on March 19th 2016 from 6 pm – 8 pm at Venture Inward. 

We will  be sharing our individual experiences and evidence from some of our most interesting investigations as well as some personal experiences before and during our current time as paranormal researchers. 

 Do you have your own stories involving the paranormal, ghostly encounters, maybe even captured some evidence of your experiences… Tonight is a night for sharing stories so bring your own stories and evidence to share as a group. 

Maybe you haven’t had any experiences of your own and are just curious to hear what others have experienced or captured? If so, we would like to invite you to join us for a night of sharing interesting stories and listening to amazing evidence of voices from the other side.

If you have recorded something, clip your evidence and bring it to play on our PA system for everyone to hear.


The event will be held at the Venture Inward but please use our Meet-up Link to sign up for the event.

(Meet-up Link)

VENTURE INWARD 568 Columbia Turnpike (Rts 9&20) #16 VanDenHouten Square (back entrance) East Greenbush NY 12061




North East Paranormal Society & special guest, Psychic-Michele Lyons Present:


A journey through the spiritual world


Join North East Paranormal Society and special guest, Psychic – Michele Lyons as we host a paranormal event at the Troy Masonic Community Center in Troy NY on January 9th at 7pm.

Prior to the event, NEPS will be the first ever in the history of the Masonic Center to investigate the claims of the paranormal activity that have been felt throughout this historic 200 year old property. Hoping to capture some new evidence and document some of the alleged claims that haunt this location we will hopefully have some exciting and new findings to share with you for the event itself.

On December 22, 2015 we conducted a short investigation at the Masonic Temple, Although it was short, is was an excellent investigation which was conducted extremely well and towards the end of the evening things started getting very interesting. Im hopeful we were able to capture something!

Unfortunately do to complications, we were unable to run the live stream… so at this point we are currently reviewing our footage with the hopes that we have captured something interesting and if so, we will be presenting it at the event along with findings from other recent cases!

Keep posted as we will also be making updates for everyone with brief clips of the investigation as we get closer to the event date!


Michele will provide insight about ghosts/earthbound spirits: why and how they got here, and why it’s important for them to be released. 

Michele Lyons Photo

Michele has been a psychic medium all her life, communicating with people in spirit. She also performs psychic house clearings for anyone experiencing paranormal activity within their home or business, or feel they have ghosts or other energies attached to them.


For ticket purchases, you can use the payment button below or you can go to our meet-up site to make a purchase and become a North East Paranormal Society Meet-up member.


Event Info:

Saturday, January 9th 2016 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Troy Masonic Community Center 

39 Brunswick Rd. (lower Rt. 2) Troy NY 12180

Refreshments will be Provided






North East Paranormal Society & guest Katie Manning Hilton, Psychic, Medium Present:

Investigating the Paranormal and the afterlife


Dave smallys   Josh & Barb smallys


Please join North East Paranormal Society (NEPS) along with guest, Capital District’s well known psychic medium – Katie Manning Hilton – for an informative & captivating evening about investigating the paranormal and the afterlife.

Meet and mingle with the NEPS team. You will learn how we came to be and of our dedication to helping people resolve their paranormal issues.  Provided will be evidence review, investigative equipment, protocols, and standards for communicating with those in the afterlife.

Katie will tell her psychic medium story, describe her work with NEPS, and share her experience with its various cases.  She will also provide some live audience readings!

Katie headshot original


 Event Info:

Thursday, November 12th 2015 6:30 – 9:00 pm 

Polish Community Center, 225 Washington Ave. Ext. Albany NY


Filming of this event may take place and will be used on Katie Manning Hilton’s Psychic On The Scene segment.


Refreshments provided!

Proceeds to benefit – The Veterans Helping Horses Helping Veterans Program –  Through Peaceful Acres Horses (PAH), a “Sanctuary for People and Horses,” a not-for-profit organization located in Schenectady County. Offering cancer rejuvenation retreats, programs with schools, and organizations who serve people who are “in-need”, veteran’s groups and seniors who wish to spend time at the sanctuary and interacting with rescued horses and donkeys.

Thank you for helping Peaceful Acres support the horses and their Programs!






La Moda Lisa…upon first impressions it’s a colorfully decorated old barn filled with really cool consignment merchandise where the scariest thing is wondering if you have enough room in your car to fit all of things you want to buy and didn’t plan on buying.   However, we were very surprised to find that this location is definitely one of the most physically active locations we have ever had the pleasure to investigate. There are knocks, bangs, footsteps, things moving on their own, visual orbs, audible voices, unseen hands touching you, and more going on there! Walking around you can just *feel* areas where something is just a little off.  Perhaps it’s a spirit letting you know that you are not wanted in their space?

On Aug 17th, 2012 at 7pm NEPS Events is proud to share with you the numerous stories of our personal experiences as well as video anomalies and EVPs that have been captured.  We will have a little history thrown in as well!

In addition to the presentation we will be holding a raffle which prizes (so far) include:

So please, join us for this interesting event hosted by La Moda Lisa… You will not be disappointed!

Tickets: $25

*Proceeds to benefit NEPS residential investigation fund

160 Saratoga Road Glenville, NY  12302






 NEPS is proud to present a paranormal dinner event at Café Nola’s in Schenectady, NY on April 10th 2012 from 7-10pm.

SOLD OUT!!!! But hear the evicence we caught here!

Café Nola has mastered the art of cooking a Cajun style meal that brings a taste of Louisiana to upstate New York. The restaurant has successfully been in business for a few years, starting out as an empty 150 year old building that they have transformed into a beautiful New Orleans style restaurant. The owners have dedicated themselves to providing Schenectady with a great place to come and enjoy a genuine “NOLA” meal.

During the past few years the owners of Café Nola have experienced many unusual and interesting things that they cannot easily explain, shadows, items being misplaced and returned, etc…

A few months ago NEPS was able to investigate to try and confirm the activity they are experiencing, as well as to solve the mystery of the head stone of a child found in the backyard. We held a two night investigation at the restaurant and our findings were interesting to say the least!

So please come and join us for a wonderful Cajun style dinner and experience the evidence NEPS captured during our investigations! After dinner we will be sharing with you the history of the building as well as showing you the best evidence we captured at the restaurant.

In addition to the dinner, there will be a raffle to win the following:

A small group investigation with NEPS at Café Nola where you will have the opportunity to be a part of a real investigation and capture great evidence!

A free reading from our team’s psychic medium

A free tarot card reading

$20 gift card to Café Nola

This event will be a way to share some great paranormal evidence and to win a paranormal investigation.

Dinner 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Presentation 8:30 -9:30 pm

Raffle / Q&A 9:30 – 10:00 pm

Tickets can be purchased through the paypal link below

Paypal tickets – $30.00 per person

Pay at the door – $35.00 per person

Please Remember To  Present Your PayPal receipt at Check-in, If you need any further information Please contact us:

North East Paranormal Society
Sorry for any past inconvenience, we have just updated our paypal options so you can purchase multiple tickets at once

To everyone who paid for the Oct. 29th Halloween Event and were unable to attend due to the snowy weather, Please know that we are planning on holding a 2nd event this fall. We are still working out the details and trying to get a date set. We will email everyone as soon as we have a date set. Thanks for your patience and please check in periodically to see our upcoming events.

Sorry We Are Sold Out!

We Invite You to Join us at the Wilburton Inn’s

2011 Haunted Holloween Event

Historic Inns have fascinated people throughout history. Many were originally gracious private homes, lining highways, or found in the midst of country sides and cities, all with tales to tell. We wonder about the people who lived in these homes. What really happened behind the curtains and windows? Were there romances, tragedies, happiness or unfulfilled dreams? Are there spirits still trying to communicate to us these stories?


 North East Paranormal Society is very excited to be hosting the first paranormal Halloween event, at the Historic Wilburton Inn, Manchester, VT, Saturday, October 29, 2011

 The evening will start with a delicious buffet dinner, followed by the haunted history of the Manchester/Vt. area, and evidence review from our previous haunted locations which will include our findings obtained during our first two paranormal investigation of the Wilburton Inn.  
During the review you will get a chance to see actual footage of  some of our past cases and all the equipment we use to capture it. The footage includes video clips of what we beleive to be energy from passing entities.We have also captured some of the Best quality class A, EVP’s (elctronic voice phenomina)  in the area. We have spirit voices on tape that sound so creepy it will send chills down your spine. These are acutal voices from an unknown source, is it spirits trying to comunicate with us or is it something from another dimension?  Lets not forget the pictures we will be presenting as well. We have also captured some of the best paranormal evidence yet to be captured on film, aparitions, energy in flight, shadows & much, much more.  You need to see it to beleive it!
We thought you might like a chance to capture some of your own paranormal evidence, something you will have forever that you can share with all your friends. 
 Are you ready for this! Attendees will join N.E.P.S. in a formal paranormal investigation to end your evening of the Wilburton Inn event. 
If  possible, you  should bring a voice recorder of any kind, a camera with a flash or night vision capabilities, flashlight & or a video camera to document your investigation & help to capture any evidence of spirit  presence or communication. 
It will also be important to bring or wear proper clothing.  Hoodie or sweater in case its cool outside, regular shoes or sneakers, no open toe shoes during the investigation.
N.E.P.S. team members will be filming & documenting the entire investigation from many different angles with video, audio & still camera’s. Our intention is to invite you back to do a review of the event investigation & to play what ever evidence we may capture. We would also be giving you your own copy on Cd of the investigion.
So please join us on the evening of Oct. 29th 2011 for an event that you will not want to miss. If you have any quesitons about the event please contact us at the info below.
 Location: Wilburton Inn
Address: 257 Wilburton Dr., Manchester Vermont 05254 
6pm – Check-in (receive admission ticket with PayPal receipt)
6-6:30pm – Meet & Greet
6:30pm – Historical Introduction about the Wilburton Inn, by Georgette
6:45pm – Buffet Dinner (TBA)
7:45pm – One hour Presentation and Local Paranormal Evidence Review including evidence form the Inn
Ending this evening will be a formal paranormal investigation of the Wilburton Inn.
 Remember to receive your Admission ticket at Check-in. We will be doing a raffle for your chance to win paranormal investigative equipment as well as a paranormal investigation guest spot with the N.E.P.S. team on our next big case!
Sorry the Event Is Sold Out!

Thank you to everyone that will be joining us!!

Please Remember To  Present Your PayPal receipt at Check-in, If you need any further information Please contact us: 
North East Paranormal Society

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