We are working on organizing our evidence into our “Investigations” page. However, here are some sounds of unknown origins from past situations that are very compelling. 






Hello under the step

This was captured at the former residence of Josh in Cohoes, NY. This was the home he used to experience a lot of activity as a child and decided to use a recorder. He was sitting completely alone on the front porch steps of the house.


The death of us

This voice was captured on the back porch of the same residence as above. Josh was alone had just entered the porch and closed the door behind him. The recorder was sitting on the porch. 


Gray Necklace

This voice was captured in the basement of a residence in Schenectady, NY. Two investigators were in the basement talking about a noise they heard when this was captured.  

Dave, Jan

Little girls voice

This faint voice was captured during a walk through prior to our investigation at the Houghton Mansion in MA. There were no children present at the time and the owners of the building later commented that they had other teams capture the same or similar sounding voice.

Josh, Dave, Jan, Barb, Penny



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