Private residence – Glens Falls, NY

Location: Private residence in Glens Falls, NY

History of Property:  Private

Claims of Activity:  Hearing voices, seeing a woman that shows herself only to men

Our Investigation: The homeowner was interested in finding some more concrete evidence of the activity people have experienced in the home. We did collect evidence but it seemed to point more toward a male than a female entity making itself known. This may be a case where the ‘haunting’ spirit is residual or can’t/won’t communicate with us, but a deceased family member who is watching over someone there is the one that comes through.

Investigators Present:  Josh, Jan, Dave, Barb, Amanda, Thomasine, and guest investigator who for privacy purposes we will call “Tiny Kitty”.


Tiny Kitty watching the cameras. As we learned from Ghost Hunters, animals can be a value tool in detecting spirits. We now use kittens to better find evidence.

  (I’m totally kidding…and disregard the ovilus app on the tablet next to the cat. We didn’t and don’t use such things, but we will get them to show how they DON’T work!)


Investigators Present



Boink (Frank’s Box)


Josh, Thomasine, Dave, Barb, and Amanda

It sounds like it says “boink” (odd, yes), but it’s the way the voice sounds in the Frank’s Box, almost like 2 voices, that makes it feel more like an EVP than an artifact of the device.  


Getting’ up! (Frank’s Box)


Amanda, Barb, and Dave

The investigators were getting up to leave the room that there were in when this Frank’s Box EVP occurred.


Get out



This was an EVP recorded when the room was empty (so I don’t know why a ghost would say “Get out” then but whatever!)


Time saver


Barb and Thomasine

Behind the voices of the investigator you can hear what sounds like a drawn out, whispering  “time saver”


Hey (Frank’s Box)


Dave, Barb, and Thomasine

This is another EVP from the Frank’s Box and again, it has that two voices sound to it.


No one


Thomasine, Barb, Dave, Amanda, and Josh

In this clip you will hear an investigator ask if someone was standing in the closet. You can hear the Frank’s Box in the background, but it’s the actual EVP of a whispery “no one” that you will be listening for.



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