The Beekman Mansion

Location: The Beekman Mansion
The Beekman Mansion was built between 1802 and 1804. William Beekman became a successful business man, opening a general store which sat across from his mansion.  In 1795 he was appointed the first judge of the court of Common Pleas of Schoharie County and from 1799-1802 he served as a state senator.  He eventually married Joanna Lowe, and together they had 8 children, however only two of the children made it past age twenty. In 1845 William died at the age of 78, unfortunately out living all of his children. William and his family are all buried on the property of the Beekman Mansion in theBeekman Family Crypt.

Claims of activity:  During the renovation of the mansion a few of the contractors saw the apparition of a young girl and shortly afterwards their tools would be moved around and often come up missing. The owners claim they have seen the apparition of an unknown man walking down the hall and into the kitchen. Shortly afterwards they hear the pots and pans clanging around and at random times they hear what they believe to be the floorboards creaking as if someone is walking around on the second floor. In the attic they hear humming and the sounds of a rocking chair rocking back and forth and on many occasions they hear the sounds of a child humming and saying hello. The thought is that this is the same young child apparition that had been seen by the contractors that renovated the mansion.

Location:  As is common for us, the owners were having unusual experiences in their home and on their property that they felt warranted an investigation. We were asked to come out to conduct an investigation, and during our customary pre-interview we captured some EVP’s, one of which said “Josh Josh”. It was at the moment when one of the owners named Josh was being introduced to one of the investigators also named Josh.

The investigation itself was very interesting.  One of our investigators had a personal experience in the picture room where she felt someone or something tug on her jacket. At this time another investigator, Jan,  had asked if someone actually tugged on Penny’s jacket and we were able to capture the voice of a woman responding to the question.

Investigators present:

Dave, Jan, Barb, Penny, Josh, Bryony

Note: These SUOs (sounds of unknown origin) where captured before we started a rigorous cross-checking protocol to ensure the anomalous nature of the supposed voice. We kept these due to the sound a likelihood of it NOT being someone else near the recorder, but we cannot be 100% sure.



Josh Josh

Investigators Present

Josh, Dave, Jan, Barb, Penny Bryony

At this time we were meeting with the client to do the pre investigation interview.


Possible woman humming

Investigators Present

Dave, Jan, Josh

This evp was captured in our car on right after leaving the property. Possibly a woman


Possible child talking

Investigators Present

Dave, Jan, Josh

After we captured the first evp during the car ride home we captured this second voice, Possibly a child talking



I’m sorry

 Investigators Present

Jan, Penny, Bryony 

At this time Penny felt as if something touched her shoulder and Jan told whatever was there not to do that. We captured this voice possibly saying I’m sorry.


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