Being located in the Capital Region of NY we have the benefit of being surrounded by the kind of rich history that lends itself to ghost stories and reports of haunting’s. Originally settled by Native Americans and then more recently by Europeans over 400 years ago, this area has seen its share of battles, triumphs, defeats and tragedy. With places such as the Saratoga Battlefields to Fort Ticonderoga in Lake George, to the Capitol Building in Albany, and the Historic Stockade in Schenectady, our area contains many locations with the potential to yield very credible and amazing evidence of the paranormal.

A big part of paranormal investigating has to do with finding the normal truth behind those things that initially seem paranormal. For example, imagine being brought in to investigate a house suspected to be experiencing paranormal activity. The main piece of evidence is that the people in the house report hearing constant knocking sounds at night. You could not or at least should not begin your investigation with the assumption that this is a true haunting.

Only after you’ve completely exhausted all rational explanations can you begin investigating the possibility that the house is experiencing something unusual, maybe even paranormal.

Below are a few of the cases we have completed. While we tend to get a lot of evidence in active sites, we will only show our BEST evidence:


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Last update: 2/20/15

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