Private Residence – Scotia, NY


Location: Scotia, NY

History of property: Private

Claims of Activity: Throughout the last few years the owners have experienced a number of things from being touched while in bed, being watched, objects being moved, feelings of dread in the laundry area, tenants refusing to remain in the home for more than a few months and one of the most unnerving things was watching there cat get picked up and dropped from mid air.

Case Purpose: Due to these claims, the client called us in for help. After meeting with the clients, hearing there stories and doing some research on the property NEPS decided to take on the case. Our goal with this case, spend time in the home, try to experience and document the claims, connect with whatever was residing and remove the energy or entities that were causing the issues.

Investigators present: Josh, Jan, Katie


Below our some of our findings.


EVP’s / SUO’s

Investigators Present




Sounds like a whisper saying:

(Something right here)



Josh, Jan 

Josh and Jan were heading downstairs from the Attic when this possible EVP was captured on Jan’s recorder but not on Josh’s


Sounds like a response: 


( Itold her that)

Jan, Josh, Kate 

The three of us were walking into one of the bedrooms upstairs when Jan felt as though something was a little off in the room. This possible EVP was found on Josh’s zoom mic but not on any of the other recorders.


Banging noises and sounds of footsteps/walking

(Unknown Sounds)

No one was present during this time 

All three of the investigators were not currently in the residence on the second floor during the time that these sounds were captured. There is no explanation as to who or what is creating these sounds.

 DVR Footage


Kate, Jan, Josh 

At this time, the team had just entered the attic. The footage was captured on one of our 85 IR LED night vision DVR Camera. This anomaly was not physically seen at the time. We have ruled this out as being a bug, dust, pollen or moisture.

Evidence moving part 1Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.11.20 PM Evidence moving part 3

Katie, Jan, Josh

 We were in the attic area for only a few min during our walkthrough. This anomaly was not seen by the naked eye. We had 2 cameras rolling at the time and this was captured by only one of them.

These are screens shots taken of the video footage that we captured.

We have ruled this out as being a bug or dust and although we cannot say with certainty that this is the energy of a past life we CAN say it is something anomalous that we cannot yet fully explain.




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