Cafe Nola

Location: Café Nola, Schenectady NY  CAFE NOLA SITE PIC

History of Property: The property that the building is on was originally owned by Joseph Yates of Schenectady, who then sold the property to Andrew Yates. The building was erected sometime in the 1850’s and after that was a single family residence that passed through many hands until sometime in the mid-1900’s it was converted into apartments and then in 1970’s it was turned into a the law office of Wolfgang Riemer. Throughout its existence there has been 11 known residents to have passed away while living there including owners and children.

Claims of Activity: The current owners have experienced interesting activity.  Pictures fly off of walls, shadows are seen, change gets moved around the change drawers during the evening and items get taken and returned.  The owners have never felt uncomfortable with any of this activity however, and simply wanted to some confirmation of their experiences.

Our Investigation: Due to the small size of the location the investigation was split into three nights. The original EMF sweep we did showed high readings (>30 mG) near speaker wires but not any significant EMF in the general eating area.  Both investigation nights were relatively quiet activity wise, and due to the large windows out front there was a lot of shadows created by passing cars. Even though the activity was quiet, we got quite a few SUO’s (sounds of unknown origins). 

Investigators Present: Night 1: Amanda, Josh, and Thomasine

                                             Night 2: Jan, Dave, and Thomasine

                                             Night 3: Amanda, Josh, Barb, and Sheree


Note: All voice anomalies here were cross-checked with audio and video to reduce the likelihood that the voices were one of the investigators present or an outside noise.


Investigators Present


Male Voice – Clipped


Male Voice

Amanda, Josh, Thomasine

 This was captured during the set of our first of three investigations. We believe he is saying something in German

Danke – clipped


Danke – Full Clip

Amanda, Josh, Thomasine

Amanda was saying   something in German directed at one of the former residents, when Thomasine   says “very good” in regards to speaking in German, you hear a quiet male   voice say “danke” which is “thank you” in German.

 bright face


Amanda, Josh, Barb,   Sheree

You will hear a man   (which was NOT Josh) say something which sounds like Bright Face. The   interesting thing is how pronounced the “c” sound is in face.


Amanda, Josh, Thomasine

We were discussing the   former owners name, and you will hear a man’s voice say “Reimer.”


Amanda, Josh, Thomasine

We were sitting downstairs   and caught this female who sounds almost like she has a slight English accent.   We think she is asking “where did Charles go” The recorder was sitting still on a table.

It took awhile for us to   figure out what this EVP was saying until we turned on our German brain and   heard “Wo Ist Das.” It’s just part of a complete sentence in German so we   aren’t sure what was trying to be said (Where is the…where is that…what   is the?) At first because of how loud it was we considered it being a chair   moving (as it was also captured on the video) but our video shows that none   of us are moving anything at the time.

 they don’t know

Jan, Dave, Thomasine

Thomasine was asking if the   spirits could make the K2 light up again. And they answered…We only wish we   knew what we “don’t know”!


 Basically long

Amanda, Josh, Barb,   Sheree

Again here is the man’s   voice that enunciates that “s” sound

Cafe Nola is a great place to investigate AND has delicious food and really nice people so check it out yourself!

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