The Palmer House Cafe

Location: The Palmer House Café

History of Property: We were able to trace the restaurant’s history back to the late 1700’s to discover it was originally built as house for the Palmer family. The house was passed on to future family members, keeping it in the Palmer family for the next 100 years. Sometime after the late 1800’s it was purchased and lived in by random families until 1986 when it was purchased by the current owners.

Claims of Activity: The current owners have experienced activity since they purchased the property. They and their employees have experienced seeing shadows, having dishes and silverware being moved, and the kitchen faucet randomly turning on at full blast. During closing hours, the employees claim they have seen a small child running through the hallway and have also heard the voice of a woman and a child talking at random times

Our Investigation: We were called in by the owners to see if we could find any evidence to back up their claims. The night started out quiet and we spent some time walking through the building, and just trying to familiarize ourselves with the little sounds and noises that naturally take place in the building. During this time we started hearing banging sounds, footsteps and at one point the basement door opened on its own. During the course of the investigation we were able to capture and document many unexplainable occurrences that corresponded with the owners claims.

Investigators Present: Dave, Jan, Barb, Penny, Josh

Note: These SUO’s (sounds of unknown origin) where captured before we started a rigorous cross-checking protocol to ensure the anomalous nature of the supposed voice. We kept these due to the sound a likelihood of it NOT being someone else near the recorder, but we cannot be 100% sure.





Child Voice

Investigators Present

Josh and Dave

You can hear Josh talking at the time this clip was captured. In this recording you will what sounds like a child trying to say something. We’re not sure what is being said but it’s loud and sounds close to the recorder. There were on females present at the time of this recording and none that sound like children were in the building.



Child Voice

         Investigators Present

                 No investigators present

There were no investigators present at the time this voice was captured. Like our first clip, you will hear a possible child’s voice sounding almost like “hello.”



Investigators Present

Penny and Barb

At the time this picture was taken we were getting ready to call it a night. Penny and Barb were doing a final walk through and taking some pictures when Penny captured what appears to be a small child peeking out from around the corner. We do realize, however, that his may be a case of pareidolia.

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