Smith Flats – NY

Location: Private property in Queensbury, NY

History of Property:  Private

Claims of Activity:  People that previously worked in this building have had experiences they couldn’t explain from hearing voices, footsteps, doors opening, lights being turned on and feelings of being watched. One person was scared so badly that he ran out of the building and refused to return.. not even to clean out the office he left behind on the third floor.

As well as the current care takers having personal experiences.

Investigators Present:  Josh, Jan, Kris, Sheree

Our Investigation: At 7 pm on Oct 31 2015 Josh, Kris, Jan and Sheree were starting out the investigation for the night.

Sheree took the three of us up to the 3rd floor where she had previously captured some evidence with the SLS camera and wanted to start the night using the camera to see if we could capture anything similar.

This is what we captured!



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