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NEPS studies the research of events or phenomena that science can’t explain. Sometimes, this means investigating a suspected haunting. In other cases, it means looking into what is causing people to report sightings of unusual events, strange creatures and even ufo’s. No matter what the case might be, paranormal investigating for our team is rarely a boring field.

For North East Paranormal Society, the field of paranormal investigation, first and foremost, requires one to possess a rational mind, a calm disposition and perhaps a calm set of nerves. Often, things that seem paranormal at first turn out to have rational explanations. Therefore, while it is important to keep an open mind, it’s doubly important not to go rushing to conclusions without the proper evidence. We have learned over the years that we cannot be to quick to draw conclusions to paranormal claims as there may be rational explanations to things that at first glance may appear to be paranormal.

For NEPS to help a family, we have to start with finding the normal truth behind those things that initially seem paranormal.

Once we come to the conclusion that a family or business is indeed experiencing something paranormal we take specific steps to document the environment and uncover what is going on, why its happening and how to resolve the situation. Each case is different and unique in its own way and often each have to be handled differently.  In very active locations with an exstensive history of activity, it may require 3 or more visits to the site to resolve the issues being experinced.  

No matter how active a place is or how many visits it requires, we stick with our clients until things are resolved.

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Presentations We Offer



The Haunted History of North East Paranormal Society

1) We have a real-life history with the paranormal. This presentation details the hauntings that have followed our lives for over 40 years and because of these hauntings, in 2005 North East Paranormal Society was formed. Throughout this presentation, we will be sharing some of what we believe to be the best evidence collected during the last 12 years from our private and public investigations.

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The Mysteries of (your location)



2) A second presentation we offer consists of playing evidence we collect from an investigation we will do at your haunted location or another location near your venue. During this presentation, we talk about the history of the property and the relevance of the history to the evidence we hopefully capture. Weeks, sometimes months prior to this type of presentation, we bring our team in to do research on the history of the property and then conduct an investigation or two at the location in hopes that we find relevant evidence to share during the presentation.

(The reason we go in weeks in advance to investigate is to allow ourselves enough time to review our findings and put together our presentation for the event)

 At the end of this presentation we hold a raffle for people to enter a chance to win an investigation with us (NEPS) that night at the property.  Investigations with the public are only if property owners agree to allow this to happen. This presentation is one of our more popular types, it really draws a crowd being that people love to investigate! 



Ghosts Among Us


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3) A third presentation we offer consists of a group gathering that invites people to share their experiences with us. It’s a way for everyone to share their experiences and display their own evidence of the paranormal. We also play a few clips of our best evidence with the group and discuss the different equipment we used to capture the articles being played.


Public Lectures

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MAstudent class presentation


4)  A fourth option we offer – public lectures. We offer educational lectures at almost all public location such as high Schools, colleges, summer programs, libraries, town meetings, historic locations as well as many other locations. If you don’t see your location listed just email us and ask! 


If you’re looking to hold a paranormal lecture at your location and would like to contact us, please send an email to:




All the evidence we share consists of video and audio from private, public and historic venues presented in a PowerPoint presentation format that has been collected over the last 12 years by the North East Paranormal Society team. All the presentations listed above are the property and rights originally formatted and presented by North East Paranormal Society.





Professional paranormal researchers serving Albany, Troy, Delmar, Brunswick, Mechanicville, Schenectady, Scotia, Rensselearville, Rensselaer, East Greenbush, North Greenbush, Grand Gorge, Hudson Valley, Woodstock and more.
Also serving: New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island


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