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As a child, Josh experienced constant terror living in a haunted house.  Almost nightly he would witness a tall shadowy figure standing in his bedroom doorway as he tried to sleep, just standing and watching with glowing red eyes.  Voices, shadows, and strange feelings would be common place in the different houses Josh lived as he grew up, as well as into adulthood, and because of this it fueled his interest in finding out more about what these experiences are and what it could mean.

After doing some personal investigations by himself, he decided to form a group whose goal it was to get real evidence of the paranormal as well as helping those who feel they are experiencing activity figure out what is actually happening in their homes and what they can do about it. Because of their collective and shared experiences Josh, his father, Dave, and mother, Jan, all became paranormal investigators.

As the founder and lead investigator of the North East Paranormal Society, Josh has had the ability to do exactly what he set out to do, and to this day continues to be fascinated and amazed with what is captured on investigations as well as enjoying the opportunity to give others answers and peace of mind.




Dave’s paranormal experiences began as a young boy within his childhood home. One of his most common experiences was that he would frequently hear footsteps going to the attic area when no one was home. Even his mother would experience things as well. One night while she was alone in her bedroom she was physically pushed by something unseen.

The paranormal phenomena continued into Dave’s adult life. He and his family at one point lived in a house that had a lot of intense paranormal activity (the home where Josh would see the shadow man).  He would clearly see shadows day or night and hear unexplainable sounds of windows slamming shut. While he did not understand why these instances occurred, unlike Josh, he never felt threatened or scared. Because of the culmination of all of the paranormal events he witnessed, he joined his son Josh in organizing and establishing the North East Paranormal Society. Just like Josh, his goal is to assist and help others experiencing these types of phenomena as well as try and document quality evidence of the paranormal.

Dave and the rest of the group pride themselves on being a source of help to others troubled with paranormal activity.



One of Jan’s first paranormal experiences occurred decades ago during her teenage years. Her grandmother passed away and shortly following her transition to another place Jan would see her body in full color. At that time she was more concerned what seeing her grandmother meant and if she was trying to communicate a message to Jan than being scared or unsettled. This experience led her to seek the assistance of a psychic to find answers.

Over the years, similar unexplained instances occurred. It may have been hearing voices, seeing shadows and figures or the off feeling from a specific room or location. Awhile back, Jan listened to a recording that her son, Josh, captured on a hand held recorder. The clarity in the voice by the unknown spirit was unquestionable. She found this to be very exciting and found herself wondering if this soul needed help. What could be done? Thus began her research into the paranormal and spirit world.

Jan joined her husband Dave and son Josh to become the third family member investigator in NEPS. 





Throughout her life, Sheree has been fascinated by everything paranormal.  Her passion for all things supernatural goes back to watching spooky movies, television programs, and playing ESP games with her dad.  While she enjoys reading extensively on the topic, watching educational programs and movies, and attending seminars and séance’s, she finds talking to people who have had their own experiences the most rewarding.

Her education in psychology and career in human resources provides her with good communication and analytical skills, attention to detail, and experience in working with a variety of people, often in difficult and sensitive situations.  She is also very interested in animals’ behavior and experiences and how they fit into paranormal situations. Her compassion for people and all sentient beings are valuable in any investigation.

Sheree’s investigative experiences prior to joining NEPS include working with nationally known experts and investigators at a variety of historic locations.  She’s experienced a variety of phenomena including capturing EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), hearing disembodied voices, seeing untouched doors open and doorknobs rattle, and sudden large changes in temperature. She is excited to be working with NEPS.  Who knows, perhaps we all knew each other in a previous life.




Katie has had an interest in the paranormal ever since she can remember. It wasn’t until she connected with Josh and the rest of the team that she had the opportunity to share her interest and take an active role in pursuing further knowledge, experience, and exploring the mysteries of the afterlife. 

As a teen she loved scary movies and as she got older, recalls several experiences that she couldn’t otherwise explain, such as smelling her deceased grandfather’s cologne and seeing a ghostly hand come down towards her as she sat at an old player piano in her basement. While she was startled, it only intensified her curiosity. Her inquisitiveness and sense of adventure combined with a broad openness adds to her investigative skills. It is this combination of attributes that propels an investigator when others might otherwise make a quick exit. 

She has a particular interest in urban exploration, historic buildings, and old hospitals and asylums. Her investigative practices favor photography, digital recordings, and trying new devices designed for paranormal investigators that enhance communication with the spirit world.

Katie’s addition to the team also allowed her to utilize her innate intuition and sensitivity to unseen energies.  Katie seems to have a knack for connecting with spirits, which has generated interesting investigation evidence.




Steve’s life-long interest in history, extensive experience in building construction, and curiosity about the paranormal make a great combination for paranormal investigating.  His construction background is helpful in debunking which enhances the validation of otherwise unexplained phenomena.  His interest in the paranormal heightened with a trip to the Stanley Hotel in Colorado for a paranormal investigation event. Since that time, his fascination has increased with investigations at other historical locations including many medieval castles in Transylvania, the Victorian Mansion in Massachusetts, historic locations in Salem, MA, and several Capital Region buildings. Steve was also inspired by electrical engineer, Bill Chappell, whom he met at The Stanley Hotel.  A self-proclaimed skeptic, Mr. Chappell, as a result of his own unexplained experience, has developed – and continues to develop – devices used to investigate the paranormal including the Ovilus and SLS camera. Steve loves being a part of the team and the opportunity to help and inspire others.



We are not currently looking for any full-time investigators at this time. However, we are always looking for new people to join our North East Paranormal Society (Meet-up) group. Join us on meet-up and help us plan some amazing events and investigate some truly haunted places.

If you can help introduce the NEPS team to some new locations you can investigate with us as our guest.  

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