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Dave’s paranormal experiences began as a young boy within his childhood home. One of his most common experiences was that he would frequently hear footsteps going to the attic area when no one was home. Even his mother would experience things as well. One night while she was alone in her bedroom she was physically pushed by something unseen.

The paranormal phenomena continued into Dave’s adult life. He and his family at one point lived in a house that had a lot of intense paranormal activity (the home where Josh would see the shadow man).  He would clearly see shadows day or night and hear unexplainable sounds of windows slamming shut. While he did not understand why these instances occurred, unlike Josh, he never felt threatened or scared. Because of the culmination of all of the paranormal events he witnessed, he joined his son Josh in organizing and establishing the North East Paranormal Society. Just like Josh, his goal is to assist and help others experiencing these types of phenomena as well as try and document quality evidence of the paranormal.

Dave and the rest of the group pride themselves on being a source of help to others troubled with paranormal activity.



One of Jan’s first paranormal experiences occurred decades ago during her teenage years. Her grandmother passed away and shortly following her transition to another place Jan would see her body in full color. At that time she was more concerned what seeing her grandmother meant and if she was trying to communicate a message to Jan than being scared or unsettled. This experience led her to seek the assistance of a psychic to find answers.

Over the years, similar unexplained instances occurred. It may have been hearing voices, seeing shadows and figures or the off feeling from a specific room or location. Awhile back, Jan listened to a recording that her son, Josh, captured on a hand held recorder. The clarity in the voice by the unknown spirit was unquestionable. She found this to be very exciting and found herself wondering if this soul needed help. What could be done? Thus began her research into the paranormal and spirit world.

Jan joined her husband Dave and son Josh to become the third family member investigator in NEPS. 



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