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To all the people out there that may be skeptical in regards to the paranormal. This Crew will put your mind at ease and educate you along the way.

I’ve lived in my house for 13 years and for all of those13 years I’ve been scared. We have a two-family home and we would rent the upstairs. It seemed as if every tenant we had went a bit mad towards the end of their lease.

Burst Sessions

One night while I was sleeping, I felt a hand grab my hand and Shake It. It was surreal and absolutely terrifying all at the same time. Whenever I would go in my basement to do my laundry I would always feel like somebody was watching me. My boyfriend is not as in tune with the intuition as I am of course, because women rule, let’s face it. But in all seriousness, after a very Insidious event that happened while a tenant was here, it made me want to investigate this further.

Just by luck I found North East Paranormal Society online and gave them a shot. In the back of my head I was thinking that these people might be awkward and might not be easy to talk to. They were the complete opposite, a true family. They were professional and educated us on everything paranormal. But most of all they listen to our story. After hearing about our events, they decided that they were going to help us out. We set a date and sure enough they came over that evening and set up all their cameras and all their video equipment and we left the house.

They cleansed us before we left and then they also cleanse the house before they left. Literally when I came home the next morning I felt this lightness all around me. I knew it wasn’t in my head because I’m very in touch with my feelings. When they came back to show us the videos and voice recordings it blew our minds.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.11.20 PM Evidence moving part 3

They explained the investigation to us as we listen to everything together and any questions that we had they were open and willing to answer.

Ever since they left I haven’t looked behind my shoulder once while doing laundry I haven’t felt that feeling of something around me that I can’t explain. They were an absolute pleasure and it felt like I knew them for years. I know this seems funny but I kind of miss them. LOL. I would do anything for Josh and his crew. They not only helped my peace of mind but my soul feels at peace.

So if you’re skeptical in regards to if this is real or not please follow your heart. I promise you if you feel that something is amiss in your home and you can’t explain it, give North East Paranormal Society a call and just give them a chance to show you that the Paranormal is a reality.

Thank you again North East paranormal, we miss you guys and we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.


 Private Residence

Grand Gorge, NY



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North East Paranormal Society are an amazing crew!

They were very prompt in responding to all of our needs! We have had a problem for a few years that has continued despite others efforts. The crew came out and talked to us about our problem and quickly checked out the situation. Not long after they were back to do a full investigation! They were very thorough and professional and found quite a bit of evidence! They even took the time to go over the whole house and cleanse the place.
Unfortunately we were dealing with something more stubborn and stuck to the property than we imagined, but that did not discourage this group of amazing people! They came back to go over the house a second time!
Activity died down for a bit longer this time around, but again came back. Unlike other people we had worked with, this did not stop NEPS from giving up. They continued to stay in contact and found someone to come help cleanse the house and close all the portals that they could find. 
Josh has continued to stay in contact and make sure everything has been going well. Unfortunately, we do have a stubborn spirit on our hands that refuses to leave. NEPS has been there for us, and continues to be here for us when we need them!
My family and I highly recommend NEPS! They are a phenomenal group of people! Very professional and knowledgeable! We are not located very close to them, but that did not stop them from coming to help, multiple times, nor will it! When the time arises and we are ready to try again, they have already told us they will be here to give it another go!

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Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for us! Keep up the amazing work!

Brittanie and family

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