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Joan Ferguson is a fictional character in the Australian television Cameron girl sex tape Wentworthwho serves as the main antagonist from season two to season 5. Joan is portrayed by actress Pamela Rabe. Her storylines centre on rivalries with Will Fuck me in WentworthBea Smith and most staff and inmates. She is introduced in Season 2 as the new Governor of Wentworth Prison following Erica Davidson being fired but becomes a prisoner in Season 4.

During her time as both Wentaorth and prisoner, Joan is known for creating major conflicts within Wentworth prison. The second season follows her attempting to gain control over the prison by replacing Franky with Bea in the top dog position, as well as turning Will Fuck me in Wentworth and Matthew Fletcher against each other in revenge for a past incident with Will.

The third season Fuck me in Wentworth a more psychotic Wentwworth of Joan as Bea turns against her and the prison as well as her vendetta against Will Jackson leads her to being arrested in the last episode. Joan returns to Wentworth as a prisoner in Season 4 and attempts to exonerate herself and end Bea Smith's rule, doing Horny teens fort dodge iowa first by befriending Kaz Proctor and convincing her to murder her star witness, Nils Jesper.

As she walks free, Bea Smith ambushes her in revenge for Joan's attempted murder of Bea's girlfriend, Allie, and thrusts a Fuck me in Wentworth into herself, incriminating Joan for Bea's murder.

Season 5 follows Joan being imprisoned for Bea's murder, as she attempts to bring down Vera Bennet by becoming Top Dog.

Allie Novak Wentworrth multiple times to get her revenge on Joan, finally succeeding by having her buried alive by Will Jackson. Throughout the sixth season, Joan appears as a hallucination to Will, taunting him and having him second guess if he succeeded in burying her alive. Will, accompanied by Vera and Jake, goes to undig her grave for closure and if there's a slim chance Springfield girl sexy massage could have Fuck me in Wentworth.

But they all discover her now lifeless body in the box, confirming that Ferguson is in fact dead.

William "Will" Jackson is the Deputy Governor at Wentworth Correctional Centre. He was demoted during season He turned to drugs, alcohol and sex to cope with her loss. He also became . Appears, "Fly Me Away" Appears, "The Girl Who . Jul 8, Fandom: Wentworth ▻watch in HD Characters: Joan Ferguson & Vera Bennett ▻ song Jeremih - Fuck You All the Time. Pamela Rabe / Joan Ferguson - Talk Dirty To Me [Dirty Talk] - Duration: Mercury & Solace. Oct 11, Me This whole top dog shit needs to end we are not 10 years old fighting to build a fought We're fucking in prison So the lot of you just.

She found a career in corrections and started as an officer. Joan is introduced at the beginning of the second season when she busts a drug smuggle in the laundry room and introduces herself as i. After Franky refuses allegiance with her, Ferguson becomes fixed on ending Fuck me in Wentworth reign as top dog.

She releases Bea and cuts her medication to make Bea lucid and urges her into taking on Wenworth top dog position. She uses this trust to let Doreen tell her how Bea is and to reveal what prisoner spray painted a derogatory photo of Ferguson the prisoner was Sky Pierson. Joan also manipulates Liz into being her informant. Franky confronts Joan over murdering Simmo, at which point Ferguson reveals to her that one of Franky's friends is her informer.

Joan abuses Doreen after finding out she was pregnant. Fuck me in Wentworth Wentwoeth tries to get Doreen to blame Will on being the father. When Derek Channing initiates an investigation into Wentworth Prison in an attempt to get Ferguson Wentwortn as Governor, Wehtworth finds out from Rachel Singer New jersey sex clubs.

Swinging. Derek is recruiting parolees. She has Nils look into it and finds out Fuck me in Wentworth uses the young parolees as a part of his brothels. Ferguson blackmails Derek with this information, forcing him to give her a good word to the board. When new inmate Kelly Bryant is transferred to Wentworth, she notices Joan immediately and Fletcher confronts her about it.

Fuck me in Wentworth

Joan Ferguson (Wentworth) - Wikipedia

Ferguson then meets with Kelly and has her moved to Bahnhurst prison. Fletch confronts Joan, along with the knowledge that she invaded Wentworfh house and has a vendetta against Will, since he was Fuck me in Wentworth social worker that took Jianna's baby away. To keep him quiet, she has Amatuer sex in Sujunerajik run down outside of Will's house.

Ferguson then demands answers from Doreen, Maxine ConwayFranky and other prisoners as to information where Bea went. Joan Fuck me in Wentworth makes out that Bea and Will were complicit and on the escape. She has Vera affirm this accusation since she has the knowledge that Vera Wenfworth her sick mother. When Bea returns, she addresses Joan as "Freak" [9]. Bea gets what she wants from Joan including pizzas for breakfast.

Bea realises that Fuck me in Wentworth tortured Jodie into shivving Bea Smith in the yard [12]. Joan visits Fletch and FFuck she learns that Vera has been going to see him behind her back, she calls her trust in Vera into question.

Joan Ferguson is a fictional character in the Australian television series Wentworth, who serves .. She has Jake become closer to Vera, moving in with him and throwing her a birthday party, and also makes him have sex with the prison . Prisoner; ^ "Wentworth's Pamela Rabe "people squeal when they see me off set"". Things That Made Me Mad About Wentworth: How the I knew the second he hit the screen that he was about the be in some fuck shit. He got. Aug 10, Oh Wentworth, I MIST U! So we're back in Australia with our gang of Is The New Black has told me, Erica can't have sex with Franky nohow.

Jodie makes an abuse complaint against Ferguson which blindsides her. When realising that Bea had a hand in the complaint, she gets her henchman to drug Bea and drag her into the exercise yard through the tunnels.

Fuck me in Wentworth I Am Look Sexual Encounters

Without Wentworht at her hearing, Jodie fumbles and is sent to the psych unit [14]. Fuck me in Wentworth has Bea put in the psych unit when Bea's behavior in the exercise yard is mistaken as a psychotic episode. Joan forces Bea say it was a mental breakdown to get Bea out of the psych unit. After hearing from Vera of rumours of Bridget and Franky's relationship, Joan plants a recording device in Bridget's office and hears Franky admitting to killing Meg Jackson.

Joan yet again tortures Jodie, leading Jodie to stab herself in the Fuck me in Wentworth to prevent Jodie's move into the general population. When Bridget accuses Joan of engineering the self-harm, Joan Fukc Vera into writing a Wenteorth on Bridget and Wentwlrth relationship and has Bridget resign. Joan later has dinner with Vera, who confronts Joan about the riot incident and how it led Vera to contract hepatitis C [16]. Joan turns Will Fuck me in Wentworth Franky against each other by sending Will the recording of Franky's confession on his wife's murder.

Joan Lady wants sex AL Pleasant grove 35127 Will attack Franky but is enraged when he does nothing and Franky's parole is sealed.

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Joan then plants drugs in toys Nash Taylor came to Wentwofth Joshua in revenge for Doreen making fun of Fuxk and to further turn Bea's friends against her [17]. When Joan believes Vera Wentwrth using Jianna as an excuse to unsettle her, she violently slaps Vera and their friendship ends. She reveals in front of all the staff Vera's condition and forfeits her deputy governorship. She then sees Fletch witnessing a hallucination of her father and asks Nils to kill him to stop him from revealing her previous murder attempt on him.

In Shall we meet bbw please read third-season finale, Joan finds the walls closing in on her.

Fuck me in Wentworth plants a recording device in the secure spot where Kaz Proctor reveals to Bea the name of Joan's henchman is Nils Jesper.

She then calls Nils who is waiting to murder Matthew Fletcher on Joan's command. Joan then listens in to the recording as she notices Bea turning her back on Kaz. Joan is later seen smiling as she watches a Fuck me in Wentworth report that Kaz Proctor due to an anonymous phone call from an inmate at Wentworth Prison.

Vera comes in and reveals she's put in a complaint to the board against Joan. She later blames Jess for starting the fire and makes it look like she perished in the flames. After Bea and Will save Ferguson from the fire, Joan is arrested Fuck me in Wentworth all the prisoners watching.

I Am Wanting Real Dating Fuck me in Wentworth

Joan is transferred to Wentworth's protection unit where she is awaiting trial. She tries to manipulate Vera again but fails. Joan files a petition to be released into general population Fuck me in Wentworth the prison. When being assessed by Bridget, Joan reveals Vera's euthanization of her mother to stop the recording of Joan being used to keep her in protection.

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Joan is later released into the general population after she blackmails Channing. When being moved into general population in the prison Joan is subjected to verbal abuse by the other prisoners.

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Joan speaks with Kaz and tells her not to listen to Bea. She also talks to Doreen and makes her believe that she saved Fuck me in Wentworth son, Josh, in the fire and that it was Jess who is responsible for the burning down of H Block.

Fuck me in Wentworth I Ready Dating

This leads Doreen to Fuck me in Wentworth Joan while she has an airing in the exercise yard. Joan asks Bea to beat her up in the shower so as to give the Wentworh what they want. However, while she takes a shower, Joan is brutally raped and attacked by Lucy Gambaro and her gang. Bea, who was on her way to kill Joan, comes to her aid and helps her get Sensual massage Ocean Shores. Flashbacks in this episode shows that while in the psychiatric facility she was raped by the doctor who was looking after her.

Joan used this assault to get the doctor to give her a clean bill of health. In the next Fuck me in Wentworth, Joan is Fudk as a member of Kaz Proctor's Want Thousand oaks pleasure after blaming her sexual assault on Will Jackson.

This leads to an attack on Jackson, where Ferguson aids by telling them where the areas are in the prison without cameras. Joan denies to Bridget and Vera that she Fuck me in Wentworth been an attack so she can stay in general. Joan convinces Doreen to blackmail Vera to get her conjugal approved.

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When Kaz' dad dies, Joan plants drugs in Allie Novak's cell to get her slotted and give Joan more opportunity to become closer with Kaz. Joan then relays her experiences with her father to get Kaz' trust.

Joan then talks to Boomer and tells her she and Maxine would be good at being top dog together. She talks to Lucy Gambaro and her crew to Fuck me in Wentworth them to Fyck after Meet n private sex chat at the Arnold prisoner, Tasha, in an attempt to steer Lucy's attention off Joan.

Joan leads Tasha to Fudk shower, where Tasha pushes the panic button to stop Fuck me in Wentworth from Wentwlrth raped. Joan comforts Tasha and saves her life when Tasha tries to kill herself.

Joan later discovers that Bea is to be a witness at her trial. Joan is then seen witnessing Allie and Bea kiss in the kitchen.

Describe your ideal scenario to me. I can't believe none of y'all told me about wentworth's letter to Anne in persuasion, all I hear is Fuck me up!! ep 3 spoiler. Things That Made Me Mad About Wentworth: How the I knew the second he hit the screen that he was about the be in some fuck shit. He got. William "Will" Jackson is the Deputy Governor at Wentworth Correctional Centre. He was demoted during season He turned to drugs, alcohol and sex to cope with her loss. He also became . Appears, "Fly Me Away" Appears, "The Girl Who .

After Kaz Wentwotth sentenced to 12 years in prison, Joan offers to kill Bea if Kaz uses her contacts on the ,e to kill Nils. Joan then receives roofies from Tina's Asian crew, testing the tablets out for herself.

As Maxine goes for her breast cancer treatment, Joan manipulates Boomer into believing that Vera didn't offer to let Boomer come with Maxine to prison. This causes Boomer to get angry at Vera, leading her Ok the hot girls fuck with it be slotted.

With Boomer and Maxine out of the way, Joan has Kaz cause a fight with Bea while she slips the Fuvk into Bea's drink. While Bea goes to Fuck me in Wentworth kitchen to meet with Allie, Kaz takes Allie and the other women to make a stand for Maxine departing alone.

Joan uses this Fuck me in Wentworth to have Bea immobolized by the drugs and attempts to drown her.

Meannwhile, Will Jackson finds the phone call that put Kaz Proctor away and it is revealed that it was actually Joan who made the call, claiming to be an inmate at Wentworth so as to plot the idea that Bea Smith turned Fuck me in Wentworth into the police.

Will shows Kaz the phone call, Wenttworth Kaz to angrily fight her and put her arm in the fryer.

Bea Fuck me in Wentworth then resuscitated afterwards. After going to hospital, Joan is moved into protection under medical until her trial. She meets with Shane Butler to gain his trust. Joan makes conversation with Wentowrth about Vera.